Smart vision
Vision system is a technique where cameras replace manual controls. Vision is used frequently for complicated inspections, visual examinations, measurements, registration, positioning, guiding of robots and a lot more. Mindsource creates the inspection systems of tomorrow that transform the notion of zero faults from a dream into reality. Reality and our customers are setting increasingly stiffer requirements. It takes money and capacity to continue to processing defective products. This gets even more expensive if the faults emerge at the customer’s place of business. Vision is often critical in implementing automation in a profitable way, which is why the need for measurement and control through the entire production flow is growing. Mindsource can supply complete system solutions for complex inspection as well as simpler applications based on cameras and standard software. As a customer you can choose to buy a complete, separate vision system from Mindsource implemented in your current line or as a part of a turnkey undertaking with a peripheral machine system.
Tomas Karlsson
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