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Figeholms Bruk was founded 1931 and started to produce transformer board 1932. It was a family owned company until 1973, when ASEA Sweden bought it. The company is today a part of ABB Sweden. The company, situated in Figeholm - a village on the Baltic coast of southern Sweden, a little more than 300 km south of Stockholm and about 15 km north of the town Oskarshamn. The product is insulation material for producers of transformers with product name Elboard. Elboard is a solid electrical-quality fibrous laminate material made of cellulose pulp. The manufacturing technology has similarities with paper making but also with processes for making plastic laminates or fiberboard. Elboard is marketed either as flat sheets, as semi-finished rods or laminated blocks, or as finished, shaped components for insulation systems. In order to increase capacity and ensure high quality ABB made an investment in a new press and in a new handling system for boards from presses to packaging department. Several suppliers were selected to submit proposals and in the end Mindsource was chosen to deliver the complete handling process for large boards coming from presses including conveyor systems, buffer systems, portal robots for sorting sheets in quality classes and cutting. The system has since delivery performed very well and with a low need for maintenance. During 2012 ABB consulted Mindsource to develop a new factory layout and a plan for development of main production areas with high level of automation.
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