Arla Foods

At Arla Foods in Kalmar they are saying cheese every day as it is one of the largest producers of cheese in Sweden. During 2007 Arla Foods made an investment in a highly advanced line for quality inspection of cheese. Mindsource was selected to deliver the complete line for robot handling of cheese including inspection and palletizing before delivery to another Arla unit where the cheese is cut into smaller pieces and delivered out to the shops. The heart of the automated line is the very advanced vision inspection system that was developed by Mindsource in order to inspect all types of cheese with high precision. The task was difficult but the mission was accomplished and the result was very good. The cheese inspection system is one of the most advanced vision systems for cheese inspection in the world. The investment result was successful and the quality of the cheese is now more stabile due to automized inspection. Also heavy manual handling could be automated and the production cost was decreased alot.
Tomas Karlsson
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