Sven Christiansson is quality and environmental manager for the floor manufacturer Kährs in Nybro. In 1999 he was the site manager for the factory in Blomstermåla, with the task of carrying out a least complicated project. • Develop the plant into a complete factory from raw material to consumer packaged product. • Adapt existing equipment to a brand new and patented product. • Deliver perfect products from day one. Kährs chose to hire Mindsource as project manager, directly subordinate to the site manager in Blomstermåla. "Mindsource has done the job exemplarily," says Sven, describing his impression with a metaphor: "Mercon has big hands and can handle a lot at once". The project was carried out under time pressure and the marketing department wanted the new floor Linnéa as soon as possible. "Production started on the day we promised to be ready," notes Sven. Demand for Linnéa exceeded all expectations. Mercon has also been hired to develop a new packaging line at Kähr's factory in Blomstermåla.
Tomas Karlsson
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