Experts in industrial development

We have since 20 years established ourselves as an development partner for our customers within the manufacturing industry. Foremost for the development and set up of new automated factory processes but also for the modernization of existing production.
You can hire us for helping you to develop new or existing production facilities or for making investment plans. You can also ask us to offer turn key integration of automated production systems.


Standard machines

To solve common production tasks that many customers have in common, we have developed competitive standard solutions for a range of applications from robot grippers, machine feeding to packaging. Of course we still adapt the machine for your production but the fundamental concept is already existing and was developed and implemented in our international projects already. To buy a verified standard machine gives you a short delivery time and confirmed machine performance.

Customized Automation

Customized means that we design automation solutions for your specific production and products. This is turnkey projects that covers everything from the development and design of a customer adapted automation layout to a finished and commissioned production line. A multi-step process that requires a wide range of expertise.

Industrial Consulting

Mindsource has brought together the sharpest minds within the area of automated, robot based production.